Legal & Business Translation

Entering a new market is not just about extending your customer pool or growing your success, it also means having to deal with local laws, engaging with local partners, and communicating with local customers and employees. All these interactions involve legal and business translation services. Whether you need to conclude an agreement, ensure intellectual property rights, or file patents and trademarks in a different country, you require the services and expertise of a legal authorised translator.

At TTS, we have the expertise to support your legal and business translation needs. We have translated thousands of pages from service agreements to patents and HR documents. We are also legal authorised translators by the Romanian Ministry of Justice for working with English, French and Spanish. We know the challenges these fields pose. We are aware that the Romanian legal system may be different from other legal systems, and we have the knowledge and experience to overcome this challenge, ensuring that the translation of your documents is done accurately and has legal validity.

Some characteristics we bear in mind when translating your legal and business documents into Romanian

Legal Culture

We possess the ability to make use of information on norms, practices, and conventions within the legal system and business environment for both source and target language cultures. This is a key factor in translating legal and business documents for technology settings because it helps you operate effectively and ethically in the Romanian market.

Specialised Language

Being able to understand specialist legal & business content produced by tech companies and to reproduce such content into Romanian is an asset that cannot be overlooked. We carefully handle the legal jargon, business-specific terminology, and technical terms, offering a fit-for-purpose translation.


We are always committed to maintain the privacy and non-disclosure of sensitive information contained within the documents being translated. This confidentiality extends to both the content of the documents and any information obtained during the translation process. With us, you can always rest assured that your information is protected.

Legalisation & Certification

In general, legal and business documents have official status and that is why most of the companies do not know if their translation needs to be certified/legalised or not. We can provide information and recommendation about the requirements for legalisation or certification of translated legal and business documents, allowing you to submit your documents in the right form.

Overall benefits
when you partner with us
for our legal & business translation services

Legal Risk Mitigation

Ensuring compliance through our accurate translations reduces the likelihood of legal disputes, penalties, or reputational damage.

Efficient Business Operations

Translating internal documents ensures that all your employees understand company guidelines and protocols, leading to more efficient and standardised business processes across your organisation.

Collaboration Fostering

By translating your business proposals, presentations, and partnership agreements into Romanian, you facilitate collaborations with Romanian partners, leading to new business opportunities and innovations.

Enhanced Corporate Responsibility

Translating your ethical business practices into Romanian demonstrates a commitment to responsible business practices, fostering a positive corporate image.

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