Terminology Management

Whether in written or verbal form, effective communication is the foundation of all processes taking place within your tech company, from product development to product marketing. Terminology is the key element of communication and refers to all terms, phrases or specific language related to the technology you are selling. This means that your tech-related terminology is everywhere: advertisements, device labels, user manuals, press releases, trainings, contracts, website, etc. To ensure effective communication and avoid any confusion or misunderstanding across all company’s departments, a standardised terminology needs to be established from the very beginning. This is where terminology management comes into play.

At TTS, we support our tech company partners in integrating terminology management in their business strategy for a smoother and more efficient execution of their day-to-day operations. Terminology management has enormous benefits that most companies don’t realise. Let us provide you with the most basic example. Has anyone in the marketing department, for example, ever had to spend time correcting translations done by your provider? Well, such a situation could easily be avoided if you had a terminological database that you could make available to all stakeholders.

Terminology management involves the following steps

Terminology Work Planning

For achieving the best results, we stand for a collaborative terminology work. During the terminology planning phase, we will establish together an action plan that includes defining your needs, finding the right terminology management software that best suits your needs, naming the company members who are able and willing to contribute, setting up the deadlines and any other relevant aspects.

Terminology Extraction

During this phase, we will collect every single document, material, content produced by
your company and extract all the terms and phraseologies that are relevant to your technology and operations you perform. The aim of terminology extraction
is to create a list of all terminologies to be documented and included in the terminology management system.


Terminography is the process of term documentation. During this phase, we systemise the terminological data, define each concept, analyse the status of each term, find the right equivalent if multilingual terminology work is required. Terminography results in a terminological database, which will be used by all company members.

Quality assurance & Maintenance

Before using it, the resulted terminological database must be approved and checked for any issues. This step is crucial for the quality assurance of your database. Also, there is a continuous maintenance work, consisting in updating any deprecated terms or introducing new ones.

Overall benefits
when you partner with us
for terminology management

Boosted Productivity

Your employees spend less time clarifying language ambiguities and more time focusing on their core tasks, streamlining workflows, accelerating decision-making processes, and leading to faster development cycles and improved documentation.

Enhanced Reputation

A clear and standardised language showcases your attention to detail and expertise in your field, establishing a favourable impression among your customers and partners.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

You enhance the overall customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction levels, reduced support requests, and increased customer retention.

Consistent Communication

Your digital product interfaces, manuals, support documentation, marketing content and any other company-related documentation uses the same technical language, which reduces confusion among your audience.

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