UX/UI Localization

You have already developed your software, app, e-learning course, or other digital product. You have enhanced your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and achieved success in your local market. Now, you want to expand your digital product to a new foreign market, such as Romania. However, entering a new market is a daunting process, and you need to pay attention to many aspects if your goal is to achieve the same level of success. This is where UX/UI localization comes into play.

The process of localizing your digital product is far more complex than a mere translation, and you should seek the help of a reliable partner who not only understands your product and is an expert in localization, but also knows the target culture and all its nuances. At TTS, we understand how important it is to make your digital product accessible to Romanian users, while also keeping intact your brand identity. By partnering with us, we undertake to achieve this goal for you.

Some characteristics we bear in mind when localizing your digital product into Romanian

Romanian Language

Romanian is a romance language, same as French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. These tend to be naturally longer compared to English, more precisely around 30% longer. This means that when transferring an English text into Romanian, we have two options: increasing the size of the text box or finding an equivalent phrase in Romanian that is shorter, while still preserving the meaning of the English text.

On top of that, the font of the text should be friendly with Romanian diacritics. Together, we can identify the best font for your product that keeps your brand image intact and works for Romanian language. Romanian users will appreciate this small touch and will identify easier with your digital product. Trust us on this one.

Romanian Conventions

We are quite certain that all of us who work in a international market have come across a dilemma as the following: 11/08/2023. Is it 11 August 2023? Or 8 November 2023? The answer depends on the local conventions. We know that you want to avoid this issue among your Romanian audience. And we are here to help you navigate the Romanian local conventions, ensuring that dates, numbers, amounts, time, currencies, measurements, etc. are correctly adapted.


While Romanian market may not be so much influenced by colour choices, although it is a plus to have a chromatic vision, images are important, and they should reflect the Romanian society. We can make sure that the images in your digital product are relevant to the Romanian users, and if some are not, then we will work together to find those perfect visuals.


We all love digital products that are user-friendly and intuitive to use. And while many think that this is related to the structure of the product, language also plays an important role. We can guide you in identifying the right style to use for your Romanian audience so that they know intuitively what a function does and how to use it.

File Formats

Many language professionals fear complex or uncommon file formats. However, we are equipped to deal with both. The technologies we use can adapt to your file formats, accessing the language layer and leaving untouched the structural strings. So, whether we are dealing with complex spreadsheets or specific file formats, such as a .xml, .json, .po. etc., rest assured we will find a solution that suits your needs.

Overall benefits
when you partner with us
for our UX/UI localization services

Higher Conversion Rates

A product localised to meet the preferences and requirements of the Romanian audience will increase the likelihood of converting visitors into engaged and active users.

Strong Brand Identity

A user interface and user experience tailored specifically for Romanian users will demonstrate your commitment and dedication to the Romanian market, strengthening your brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

Competitive Edge

Providing a unique localised experience to Romanian users will set you apart from other competitors.

Enhanced User Experience

Providing your users with an intuitive and enjoyable experience will increase their engagement and satisfaction levels.

Need to localise
your product’s UI/UX in Romanian?

Let us be your localiser.