Most probably you created several video contents for promoting your tech product or your tech company. For reaching your Romanian audience, you know that it must speak their language. You are still not willing to use dubbing services because of their high costs. How about we tell you that there is a much more effective and less expensive solution? This solution is called subtitling.

At TTS, we are committed to making tech companies’ video content engaging for Romanian audiences through subtitling services. With us, you can rest assured that your Romanian viewers have an enjoyable experience in front of their screens. And let us tell you a secret. We can also subtitle your training, tutorials, instructional videos, corporate online meetings, helping you save time and money.

Some characteristics we bear in mind when subtitling your video content

Time Syncing

We make subtitles appear and disappear at the right times to match the spoken dialogue. Synchronisation is crucial in subtitling to provide a seamless viewing experience for the audience, allowing them to read the subtitles comfortably without missing any important information or context. To achieve this, we meticulously adjust the timing for factors like dialogue speed, pauses, scene changes, and other audiovisual elements.


We aim to ensure that the subtitles are clear, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing while conveying the spoken dialogue or audio content accurately. We follow standard formatting guidelines for subtitle placement and design to avoid obstructing important visuals or relevant on-screen text. Also, we consider various other aspects such as font style, size and colour, aiding the Romanian audience in understanding and enjoying the media without distraction.

Character Limit

Based on different subtitling guidelines and standards, we use a specific character limit per each subtitle line. This limit is imposed to ensure that the text remains readable and comprehensible within the available screen space and duration. In this way, the subtitles won’t look overcrowded or truncated.

Reading Speed

The pace at which your Romanian viewers can read the subtitles differs depending on your target audience. And this is an important aspect we bear in mind for making sure that your targeted audience have enough time to comfortably read and comprehend the subtitles. This way, we ensure an enjoyable viewing experience of your video content.

Subtitle Formats

A subtitle file can have different formats. We can provide you with a different subtitle format based on your needs and compatibility with various media players and platforms. From SubRip to Advanced SubStation Alpha or even video embedded subtitles, we can handle all.

Overall benefits
when you partner with us
for our subtitling services

Improved Accessibility

You make your video content available for individuals with hearing impairments, as well as for individuals located in private settings where video listening is not possible.

Enhanced User Experience

By providing subtitled tutorials or instructional videos, your Romanian users don’t miss critical information, steps or commands, improving their learning experience.

Improved SEO

Our subtitled video contents help you increase the chances of appearing in relevant search results, which can enhance your company’s online visibility and organic traffic.

Strong Brand Reputation

By using a subtitled video contents, you showcase your professionalism and dedication to delivering valuable information to your Romanian target audience.

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