Marketing Translation

In the business industry, it is not always just about the technology itself, but also about how to promote and sell your technology. You have spent countless hours in developing your marketing strategy for your technology, and you have reached success in your local market. Now it is time to expand to another market. Your marketing strategy is bullet proof, but your content needs to be adapted. Here comes in marketing translation.

Your content needs to engage with your target audience. A mere translation of your marketing content will be easily spottable by the users, decreasing their level of engagement. At TTS, we will make your brand visible to the Romanian audience, ensuring that your content sounds natural and engaging in the Romanian language. We merge our creativity with our technical expertise to craft appealing advertising materials, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, and others, making your brand voice heard.


Some characteristics we bear in mind when translating your marketing content into Romanian

SEO Optimisation

SEO optimisation does not mean a simple and direct translation of keywords. To us, it means conducting a research to identify the most effective keywords in the target language and creatively use them in your marketing content. By integrating SEO optimisation into our marketing translation services, we ensure that your marketing content is not just accessible in the Romanian language but also ranks higher in local search engines, driving more organic traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.


Through transcreation we creatively adapt your message to the Romanian culture while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and emotions. The aim is to evoke the same feelings and responses as the source materials. It is a collaborative process between us and your marketers and content creators, helping your business connect with the target audience more effectively, increasing the impact of your marketing efforts.

Tech Language

Creativity may be the core element of marketing, but this does not mean that the tech language should be left aside. Tech language is a part of your technology, and it should remain visible. We combine creativity with our technical expertise to produce marketing content that is both engaging and accessible to a wide range of users. Furthermore, we ensure that the tech language in your marketing content remains consistent as it vital in helping customers make informed decisions.

Brand Personality

We understand that you put a lot of effort into building a trusted and unique brand personality. It is crucial to maintain the same image and feel across all translated materials. However, capturing the nuances and subtleties of your brand personality in another language can be challenging. It often requires creative skills and deep cultural knowledge. Our process will ensure that your brand’s personality is not only preserved but also relatable and appealing to the new audience.

Overall benefits
when you partner with us
for our marketing translation services

Higher Conversion Rates

Our accurate and culturally resonant translations lead to more compelling marketing materials that better persuade and motivate the Romanian audience to take desired actions.

Consistent Brand Voice

Your brand identity and message will be consistent and recognizable to the Romanian audience across different platforms and environments.

Brand Visibility

Our professional marketing translations increase your brand’s awareness in the Romanian market, helping to attract attention and build a wider customer base.

Improved Customer Engagement

Culturally adapted and engaging content fosters more profound interactions, longer dwell times, and increased responsiveness from your Romanian audience, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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