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About TTS

TTS was founded in 2021 by Ciprian Iovu and Sabine Crihan, two visionaries who are driven to bridge cultures in an increasingly connected world.
We are more than just regular translators; we are language experts and cross-cultural consultants providing premium translation services following specific standards in the field.

TTS is built on trustworthiness and reliability, and embodies professionalism in every aspect of our work. We are detail-oriented, focused on providing client-centric solutions that align with the specific goals and visions of our partners in the tech industry.

Our approach combines a passion for integrating cutting-edge technology into our daily operations, a deep commitment to understanding our clients’ unique needs and aspirations, and an unwavering dedication to delivering crystal-clear solutions that are in perfect harmony with their brand purpose and mission.

Going forward, our goal is to become a reliable partner for tech companies seeking to establish and expand their presence in the Romanian market.

Our Core Values

Integrity in every word

At our core, integrity is not just a value; it’s the bedrock of our promise.
We translate more than words, we translate trust, by consistently delivering transparency and following the highest ethical standards.

Work resonating with respect

Respect defines our interactions. Our commitment to mutual respect fosters collaboration. It’s not just what we translate; it’s how we connect.

Unity bound by success

Our teamwork extends beyond our walls; it includes our clients. Collaborating seamlessly, we merge expertise and insights, creating together language solutions that propel stories to new heights.

Quality speaks volumes

Quality is our signature. With meticulous precision, we sculpt translations that reflect the brilliance of our clients’ innovations.
Every word, every line, every meaning – crafted with a commitment to excellence, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Always advancing, never settling

Continuous development propels us forward. We constantly refine our skills, tools, and approaches. With insatiable curiosity, we ensure our translations evolve hand in hand with tomorrow’s innovations.

Meet the Team


Ciprian IOVU

The creative mind


Need to speak the language of your Romanian tech audience?

Let us be your voice.

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